The Seasage Effigy



The Whispering Way enthralled The Beast of Lepidstadt in order to covertly acquire this artifact.


Housed in the Antiquities Department of Lepidstadt University, little is known about this strange totemic statue. It is made of an unknown material, and the acting chair of Antiquities has no idea where it came from. His descriptions of the missing item are vague, and often unsettling.

The Whispering Way carried out an elaborate scheme to acquire the artifact. They infiltrated the Schloss of Count Alpone Caromarc, overcame the alchemist’s considerable defenses, tortured the Count, and gained access to the Bondslave Thrall: a powerful device capable of controlling The Beast. Whatever the Seasage Effigy is or does, it is clear that the Whispering Way was willing to devote considerable resources to acquiring it discretely.

Despite a near perfect crime, the party was able to unravel the Ways’ web of lies and discover the truth behind the crime. According to Count Caromarc, the Way left his Schloss as soon as they had acquired the idol. They were bound for The Shudderwood to “complete the next step.”

The Seasage Effigy

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