The Bondslave Thrall


Rising from the highest tower of Schloss Caromarc is a tower of metal, lightening, and genius known as The Stormcaller. This feat of science’s sole purpose is providing power to the much smaller artifact attached to its base: The Bondslave Thrall.


The Bondslave Thrall was created by Count Alpone Caromarc of Vieland. Its purpose was to control The Beast of Lepidstadt. Count Caromarc envisioned The Beast as a replacement for his stillborn child. Indeed, the Beast’s great size and strength reflected the Count’s obsession with his own offspring frailty. But when The Beast showed signs of free will, the Count flew into a rage. He created The Bondslave Thrall to ensure The Beast’s total loyalty, but he soon found that a son compelled to love was no son at all. He tired of The Beast and banished the creature to the Dimplemere Swamp. The Count then turned his genius to more twisted endeavors.

The Bondslave Thrall was damaged during the liberation of Schloss Caromarc, and its remains—too large to move—were left atop the crumbling tower.

The Bondslave Thrall

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