Adivion Adrissant

Your Enemy


Wealthy. Brilliant. And utterly Mad. Adivion Adrissant was a pupil of Professor Lorrimor’s, though their relationship seems to have been somewhat deeper.

Adrissant’s doctoral thesis, The Primogenesis of Excellence , was rejected by the Professor and the committee on the grounds of extreme ethical concerns and questionable source material. What happened next is unclear. But what is clear is that this rejection sent Adrissant down a dark path that ultimately led him to Gallowspire and an attempt to resurrect Tar Ba’phon: The Whispering Tyrant!

Adrissant is ultimately responsible for the murder of the Professor, the haunting of Harrowstone, the trial of The Beast of Lepidstadt, the werewolf war of the Shudderwood, the rise of the Old Cult of Avalon Bay (and the subsequent Cataclysm), and a series of brutal vampire murders that threw the court of Count Ludvic Siervage into paranoia and disarray.

Adrissant’s latest heresy, the abduction of Count Lucien Galdanna, marks his last milepost before completing his life’s work.


Adrissant seems to know you well, and it is clear he followed your exploits closely as far as the confrontation with Auren Vrood. He marveled that you persisted even after that confrontation, and has since taken a special interest in the group.

It seems that, while he is alarmingly familiar with much of the party, other members have escaped his sight.

A series of letters were sent to the party over the five nights of Armasse; rife with clues, odes, and strange insights into the mind of the enemy.

Night 1

My dearest Friends,
I hope my gifts were well received. For what is Armasse if not a time for receving gifts,witnessing the auspicious, and reviving fellowships? Ah! But Armasse is not but one night! And I have so much more to give you. So much more.

After all, you’ve done more for me than mere words can express. So, consider a small handful of diamonds but a small sample of the wonders I’ve prepared for you. For what real worth are diamonds to a man more concerned with onyx? Gold has little luster when one has surpassed even the Platnimum’s Box’s lure!

The thought of tomorrow’s gift gives my spine a tickle. To say that it will bear the seal of our triumph is an understatement. But, suffice to say, it shall point you on your way.

And so, let the Pax Armasse begin! Rest well and safe these Five Nights. And then, my friends, the game is on!

Eternally your Friend, presently your Enemy,

Night 2

My beautiful Friends,
I met a man in Osirion. He had one, long finger nail filed to a point. He said he was Thuvian. He said that the Div’s feared such a nail and that it kept them at bay.

What petty Boogie Man would fear the smallest part of a man? Or what an auspicious notion that a single part of a man—condensed to an instrument of pure will—could be worth more than the rest of the man put together? The part of the man that I need, I have kept. But the part that you need, I humbly provide. And so the Second lesson of Armasse? Sharing. It means caring. And I do care so deeply for each of you.

So, please accept this token. During our Pax Armasse, no further harm shall come to our dear Count! I doubt that he could have born much more this week regardless. Yet, as thin as that inbred gall he calls blood has become, the spark of Excellence yet remains. I shall rip it out and let it shine, even if it kills him! For you! For her! For all of us! But that can wait.

Tomorrow’s gift shall be something tastey. If I could hold my tongue longer, I daresay it would be the fifth and final gift. But, alas, I’m too excited to keep my mouth shut over it!

Enduringly yours,

Night 3

My best beloved Friends,
There is an old saying in Kyonin: “Give in kind a gift received.” And you, my friends, have given me the gift of fellowship. For you have risen above your cruel Tutelage. Just as I have. You have seen farther than your blind Mentor, grasped more deeply the joix de vivre! Just as I have.

My servant Auren Vrood first presented me this gift in that very spirit of fellowship. It has taken on a bittersweet taste. You see, if he had left it where it came from then you and I might have met sooner! Though as I am led to understanding—there was a good deal of De-Facing that took place to its orignal container.

So, on this Third Day of Armasse I give you a gift worth more than its weight in diamonds: proof of the eternal Silence for the one who would deny Progress. Silence of the one who rejected the gift of Excellence that we could have shared!

And Progress! Progress is the thing! Yet, I’ve given off my own for this week of rest. The Gray Friar was most distressed. But I’ve Left him to his part. His Hand stayed by my Tongue. Do you see the poetry of it all as it unfurls? Progress moves ever Upward, as do I, and when you receive tomorrow’s gift you won’t have to imagine me looking down on you from the Pinnacle. You’ll see it Reflecting in your own eyes!

’Til tomorrow, rest well,

Night 4

My onlyest Friends,
I met a nobleman in Galt. You could see the stichings where his head had been sewn back atop his shoulders. He escaped The Final Blades by scant weeks. He was still great friends with his Executioner. Twice a week they took tea. Godfather to one another’s children.

The moral of the this parable? There is No One in this life who Loves you more Intimately than the man who has killed you. The best and only friend you will have is the one who loves you enough to call you Enemy.

I will see you dead, my friends. If I didn’t, it would insult the Love you have shown me by seeking my own destruction. I the rabbit, you the fox. Or perhaps it is the other way ‘round? You’ve chased me so long, have you forgotten what it means to Look Behind You? The lesson of the Fourth Night: the eyes you see in the Mirror are not your own; they are the eyes of your Enemy.

This marks my last missive. Yet, there comes one more gift! It will arive before Midnight. One wouldn’t want to receive their final and most glorious present after the holiday was done, now would they?

Yours Alone,

Adivion Adrissant

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