Carrion Crown

Elk Runner Journal

03 Prahast 4713

All day my mother has been in my head telling me “you can’t trust them townies! They’d sell you to giants soon as spit. Come back to the family and find you a nice Shaonti boy.” She goes on about my hair and the clothes I wear but I’ve mostly blocked that out by now. Well mom you might have been right about the townsfolk. I had hoped that once I left Varisia I would be free of the mistrust that my people suffer, but it is still just as strong here. I spent nearly the whole day today waiting in a Cathedral of Pharasma watching as dozens of people were allowed access to archives that I was expressly told were off limits. I was eventually able to convince an acolyte to retrieve some of the information I needed for me so the day was not a complete waste.

Though I do have to admit that I was happy for the excuse to spend the day somewhere other than in the home of our host. I try to not let it show but the things she keeps in that house are terrifying. I barely slept last night after seeing what was kept in that basement. I dare not discuss this with the others. They are still too unknown. One does not speak our language, another is afraid of his own familiar and one is tiefling. I know I should not judge her by her lineage but until I know her better I must be cautious. The carriage driver at least is easier to read and seems to have the sense to stay upwind. I know that I will have to discuss these things eventually but I need to have a better understanding of Kendra before I proceed. She is supposed to be the Professors daughter so I will allow her the benefit of a doubt, but all is not as it seems here.

Godsdamn! All this worrying about the living today and I almost forgot about the Undead. The graveyard in this town is not quite! And I am sure that the priest here knows something more that he is telling. Frak what am I worrying about rude townsfolk and the Professor’s secrets, the dead are rising. Why are we not more panicked about this! Oh gods, I agreed to go to Harrowstone prison tomorrow! What was I thinking!


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