Carrion Crown

Elk Runner Final Entry

7 Pharast 4713

This may very well be my final entry. Damn this place and damn these people! And thrice damn that fool Tianaman! If he made it through last night I may kill him myself. Because of him I am forced to huddle in this burned out carcass of a mill that is just as haunted as the rest of this forsaken wreck of a land. Walter lies on a table only barely alive, if he hasn’t succumed to his wounds while I write. The tortured spirit that resided here has taken what strength I had left. I have no idea what direction to turn for safety, if such a thing even still exists in this place. Of the others I have no knowledge. I know Kendra left before the worst of the mob’s aggression but Liam and Mordren were surrounded. I fear they are dead. I had to leave them. Walter was unable to defend himself. I needed to get him away from those mindless beasts. Didn’t I?

I begin to understand the dangers of this alchemy I practice. Each time I create an extract I pour some of myself into the concoction. It is my strength that gives it power and my will that gives it focus. Surely then this rage and sorrow that now so thoroughly suffuses my being would make a compound of such ferocity that I could crater this degenerate country as surely as lost Azlant.

No. Neither sorrow nor rage will serve me now. The Professor trusted me to see this through and I will do everything I can to see that his faith is not misplaced. It becomes increasingly clear that the supernatural attacks on the town are not random manifestations of psychic backlash. Rather they appear to be directed at the people and places that could cleanse the evil that now inhabits the prison. The attack on the town hall only occurred after the town council, in a shocking display of rationality, agreed to support my companions and I with our attempts to investigate the aptly named Harrowstone. Though I doubt that whatever intelligence is guiding these attacks could have anticipated that Hirayama would cut down so many innocent townsfolk, the results clearly work in its favor. There may still be a way back into town. I think I can find enough ingredients out here for a few more surprises. I will recover what of my equipment I can and if the others live I will rescue them. If the citizens of Ravengro continue to align themselves against me then I will not be able to guarantee their safety. This WILL NOT be the last entry I write.


Cunningdrome Cunningdrome

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