Special Rules


Attendance/Game-On Policy

On most occasions play will procede as long as the DM and two party-members are in attendance. Individual/make-up sessions are encouraged should you miss a session. If your dentists appointment causes you to miss one week, I am eager to help tell the story of your character’s solo adventure in the back-alleys of the kingdom! The Obsidian Portal forums will serve as a method of filling-in the story holes causes by absences—tell us a side story about your character, and earn some experience. Please be sure to post about upcomming or last-minute absences on our Facebook or OP forum.

Punch and Pie

More people will come if you put Punch and Pie on the invitation! Players who bring snacks or drinks to game-night will receive special rewards such as Bonus Experience or Hero Points from the DM. Game-time is time to play, and snacks help fuel the furious flinging of polyhedral vengeance. Please arrive having eaten, and ready to play, so that the generous Punch and Pie contributions will be more than ample to fuel an evenings play! Adult beverages are encouraged! Please only smoke in the designated areas.

Forum Play/Obsidian Portal Contribution

Use of Obsidian Portal is required! Bonus Experience and other rewards will be given for exceptional Forum/OP contributions including (but not limited to): character back-story posts, posts made explaining (in-character) absences, scenes or vignetes between characters or between characters and NPCs. Forum roleplay is encouraged! There will occasionally be optional Forum events and encouters with unique rewards!

Leveling Montage

To acquire new skills, class features, skills, etc. characters must practise! Select character advancements based on the heroic deeds and the challenges your characters have faced duirng the prevous level. Alternatively, your character may spend time deliberately working toward incorporating a new skill into their repetiore (for example, a fighter may spend time in camp working on splitting multiple melons in anticipation of mastering the Cleave talent; the wizard may gather components and try and few preliminary casts of Fireball before mastering the spell, to reflect his efforts in acquiring the spell). Incorporate your characters growth into their story, and let the story affect how your character grows!

Critical Fumbles

We will be using the GameMastery™ Critical Fumble deck. All PCs, DMPCs, NPCs, and monsters will draw from the Critical Fumble deck with a confirmed miss following an attack roll of a natural 1. These cards are only for attacks only—there is still no danger of critical skill check failure!


We will be using the setting specific rules for Harrow cards and forecasting. Please see the wiki page for details.

No Electronic Dice Rollers

Only the DM is afforded the anonymity of a screen! All rolls should be made of the table using actual dice.


Special Rules

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