Skill and Feat Changes



Any character may retrain feats. A character may retrain only one feat at a time and may only retrain when they gain a level. Characters may not retrain feats that are a prerequisite for other feats they possess, class levels, etc.

In order to retrain a feat, the character must have met the requirements for their new feat at the time they acquired the feat slot (i.e. a first level feat may not be swapped for a feat whose prerequisite is level 5). Characters must post in the montage thread an RP appropriate explanation for the shift in their skill set.

Fighters may swap their bonus feats normally.

Climb, Swim, Linguistics

These skills will function per the Pathfinder RPG rules as written, not in accordance with our usual House Rules. This means that climbing or swimming as a move-action allows a character to move 1/4 of their speed, and that one point spent in linguistics allows the character to both read and write one language of their choice. See the Core Rulebook for a complete overview


Diplomacy and Intimidate do not function normally against Player Characters or DMPCs. Use of Diplomacy or Intimidate should always be role-played, and checks made will reflect only the relative success of the attempt as may inform the other player’s response. Diplomacy and Intimidate can never be used to force another PC to take action.

Intimidate and the Undead

Demoralize conditions are considered morale effects, not fear effects. When an undead or construct gains an Intelligence score, they lose their immunity to morale effects and are instead granted a bonus to saves versus morale effects that is based on their Charisma. This means that Intelligent undead and constructs can be demoralized, benefit/suffer from bardic music, and can fly into a barbarian rage.


Skill and Feat Changes

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