Character Creation


Download the Player’s Guide
The Carrion Crown Player’s Guide is available free for download at Paizo’s website: Download It Here

Character Statistics and Advancement

Character Statistics should be generating using the Purchase (point buy) method with a Standard Fantasy point pool (15 point pool, see Pathfinder Core Rulebook page 16). We will be using the Medium Experience Point Advancement table.

Character Traits

Each character must begin with one Carrion Crown Campaign Trait (see the Carrion Crown Player’s Guide). These campaign traits will help describe your relationship to our beloved professor. You may wish to coordinate with other players when choosing your relationship with the professor, as you may have similar connections! Characters may begin with up to two additional Traits for a total of three Traits. No two traits may be of the same type.

Race and Class

Race selections are limited to the 8 – 13 point Race Point races as outlined in the Advanced Race Guide. As in most of Golarion, humans are the dominant race in Ustalav. See the Carrion Crown Player’s Guide for ideas as to how other races fit into Ustalavi society and how outsiders of different races are received by the natives. All class options are permitted.

Alignment and Deities

Please be sure to select a character alignment and deity/deities and supply these on your character sheet (see the Carrion Crown Player’s guide for suggestions on faiths that may have special pertinence in the campaign). While this information might remain secret from the other characters, it will prove useful to the DM! All alignments are allowed with no exceptions. Your alignment will likely grow and change over the course of the campaign. This in turn will affect your relationship to the gods, men, magic, and one another. Alignment is affected most by your actions. Consider your characters actions to date when considering their alignment.

Hero Points

We will be playing with Hero Points (rejoice!). Hero Points will serve as rewards for excellent role-playing or truly epic achievements. Remember: the more you spend them, the more epic you are! Antiheroes are not permitted. Check out Pathfinder SRD for how to use Hero Points.

Piecemeal Armor/Hit Table

In the interest of expedience, we will not be using the optional rules for piecemeal armor. In its place, I strongly encourage creative combat roleplay that incorporates the idea of such armors (for example: if your character suffers a critical hit, perhaps the enemy made good contact with a poorly armored or exposed piece of flesh; if your character fells a foe in one fell swoop, perhaps it was a decapitating strike!).

Coordinate with Your Allies

While it is not mandatory, you are strongly encouraged to coordinate with one another when building your characters. The point buy and experience track rules we are using promote a more realistic, harsh, and challenging game experience. In addition, the DM is bent on inflicting a painful death on each and everyone one of you. As such, a degree of coordination and assuring all major party roles are covered will help you combat the dangers of Carrion Crown!

Supplemental Information

Please take the time to complete the following questionnaire ! Any back-story, party connection, etc, is also welcome! Please use the “Player Secrets” section of your character’s Obsidian Portal page to share your completed questionnaire with the DM. Likewise, please provide a draft of your character sheet (either using the Obsidian Portal form, drop box, or your own free-style presentation) via your character page. These elements are due no later than SATURDAY DECEMBER 29.

1. How did your character know the professor, and why did they decide to attend the funeral?
2. What is your character’s biggest goal in life?
3. What is your character’s biggest fear?
4. Who is the person that matters most to your character?
5. What is your character’s biggest Virtue?
6. What is your character’s biggest Flaw?
7. What is a secret no one knows about your character?
8. What is a secret your character does not know about themselves?


Character Creation

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