The Dusk Moth

The Final Step


A ring of menhirs, rising twenty feet high, sit atop the temple. One stone in every three is intricately carved and marked, with what seem to be star charts. These six stones were once one artifcact, The Dusk Moth. When their energies are aligned, the artifact can again be activated and the goddess Desna can be summoned.


The Dusk Moth was brought to the land now called Ustalav from ancient Varisia. The artifact was used to construct The Final Step of the Stairs of the Moon, consecrating the temple as the cardinal holy site of the Desnan faith in pre-Thassalonian times.

The Dusk Moth was used by high priests to speak in person to the goddess. While shrouded in ritual and ceremony, its instructions are straightforward—-wait for the moon’s proper alignment to the menhirs, and speak the words.

The Dusk Moth

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