Dad's Journal

his life's work


The worn pages of this haphazardly assembled notebook are stuffed with two lifetimes worth of adventuring notes. The book, monogrammed with an “L,” once belonged to Doctor Joseff Lorrimor, father to Professor Lorrimor, and was passed on to Sheriff Bejan Caeller by the late Professor on the eve of his ill-fated expedition to Harrowstone.


The notes are difficult to read at best, contradictory at worst, and by and large require extreme context to understand. However, when A + B don’t quite equal C, the journal’s indecipherable context sometimes yields startling insights.

Using Dad’s Journal requires 1 Hero Point, Harrow Card, or another limited resource to activate. Spells, Daily abilities, and other resources may be used at the DM’s discretion. Dad’s Journal can grant all manner of useful information about any subject related to Ustalav, saving people, or hunting things.

Dad's Journal

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