Mordren Corrowen, The Hunter


With her hood up, she is a rather unremarkable woman. Mousy brown hair comes just past her shoulders and green eyes peer out of a small, childlike face. Her short stature (4’11") often leaves people undermining her abilities. With her hood down, it’s clear that she is not to be taken lightly. She doesn’t send people running, but the large ram’s horns protruding from her skull causes people to eye her warily, from afar. Mordren is always fully equipped beneath her brown wool cloak. Her quiver of bolts is proudly displayed over the cloak, the ivory quiver having been intricately carved on her many journeys. Beneath the woolen cloak she is simply dressed. Her studded armor covers a plain, cream colored, loose-fitting shirt which laces up at the neck. Her pants are a young boy’s pair of pants, tight around the calves and loose elsewhere. Mordren felt no need to draw more attention to herself with frivolous clothing and always dresses in the same style of loose-fitting clothing. Her boots are simple leather, rubbed smooth from long days of rain and mud.

Mordren walks in a steady gait, having to take a few more steps in order to keep up with everyone else. Her head usually leads the way, making her seem like she is in a hurry to make it to a specific location. Her casual stance is with her arms crossed over her chest, feet shoulder width apart, or leaning against a nearby wall. She speaks clearly, and usually seems confrontational in her interactions with people. She is quick to get defensive and will overly stand up for what she believes in due to constantly being spoken down to.


Mordren Corrowen, The Hunter

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