Lieutenant Lordan Asparrow

Soldier. Leader. Heir.

Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright
- Maleva

Character Sheet



Lordan Asparrow is both tall and lean, with a proud bearing and the straight back of a military man. Despite the grooming regimen he maintains each morning, his long black hair is often unkempt and the beard surrounding his careful van dyke seems to grow almost faster than he can shave it.

Lordan’s usual attire is the uniform of a Lastwall soldier. The snow-white doublet he wears over his gleaming mithral chainmail is bordered in Vigilant green and stamped on the right breast with the sword and sun and on the left with the crest of Ustalav in it’s purple, red, and black. His cloak, lined with dark wolf fur, is also white and likewise bears the crest of Lastwall embroidered across it’s expanse. He wears high boots of soft leather and mailed gloves over his tattooed hands.

Lor has strapped a broad belt around his waist, over both mail and doublet, from which hang two pouches, one on either hip. Across his chest lie two more straps, one of which holds his sword over the Lastwall cloak. The blade is a dark steel longsword with a crossguard sculpted like black antlers curving back towards the hilt and pommel, in turn shaped like a tall, black tower and set with a single hollow in the pommel where a window might be. The sword’s scabbard is leather dyed a deep royal purple and set with eight red rubies on either side. Lordan bears no shield, but on his left hand he wears a silver signet ring over his glove. The ring fits equally well when Lor’s hand is bare and it carries a crest of an antlered helm upon it.


Though you have known Lor only a few hours, he has so far shown himself to be focused, diplomatic, and capable. He seems willing to put faith in the group’s ability and guidance, at least while he gathers information. He has kept to the back and remained quiet, waiting and watching, commenting only when assured the situation had been fully resolved. He criticized what he perceived as mistakes, but was not unkind in his assessment and stopped shy of insulting or angering anyone.


Although Lordan has been on many assignments in Ustalav, usually volunteering to serve as part of a Vigilant patrol, this is his first real command. He has brought with him a small detachment and has scattered many more throughout the country on fact-finding and intelligence gathering missions, with orders to regroup with Lordan when they feel they’ve accrued sufficient intelligence.

Lordan’s horse is a Lastwall Jasper with a mottled coat of white and brown. The animal was gifted to him when he first enrolled in Lastwall’s military and the two have been together for years.

Dominik Konstantine
Captain, Cavalier
Lor’s second and his last commander. Konstantine is both older and more seasoned than Lordan and was given this assignment largely to serve as adviser and overseer to Asparrow on his first assignment as commander. He was given an acting rank of Second Lieutenant for the mission, but truly holds the rank of Captain, placing him technically above Lordan, who himself counts Konstantine as a friend.
Dominik Konstantine’s horse is another Lastwall Jasper called Lawbringer.

Imrich Justus
Lancespade, Cleric
A half-elven cleric of Iomedae, Imrich serves as the platoon’s spiritual adviser and leads them every morning in prayer to the Inheritor. While his rank of Lancespade means he technically isn’t third in command, for all intents and purposes he makes up the final member of the platoon’s triumvirate of leadership.

Ensign, Fighter
Oda has proven herself to be determined, but the dwarf is yet untested in the field.

Isaiah Hartell
Ensign, Bard
Isaiah is the veteran of a few patrols, but Lordan chose to keep him close because of his relative inexperience and because the two share an interest in the arcane arts.

Hadrien Siegard
Ensign, Paladin
The dwarf has been on many patrols throughout Ustalav, but the his zeal and stubborness convinced Lordan it was best to keep him close.

Lotus Augustine
Ensign, Rogue
The only halfling in Lordan’s current squad, Lotus has some odd views on her faith in Iomedae and her code with Lastwall. Her scruples and morals are not what most would expect from a sworn Vigilant, but she has proven herself useful.

Dinah Firmin
Ensign, Inquisitor
The half-elf Dinah Firmin is ambitious, but loyal. She volunteered for the assignment alongside Lordan, but where his goals pertain to Ustalav, hers lie with furthering her own standing via this opportunity.

Lieutenant Lordan Asparrow

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