Sheriff Benjan Caeller

Sheriff of Ravengro


A pistol and crossbow slung to each hip, a gray duster trailing behind him, and his jaw set in an inscrutable line, the sheriff is perhaps the most capable looking man in all of Ravengro.


Sheriff Caeller has served as the sheriff for the town of Ravengro for nearly ten years. Crime is generally low in the town and Ravengro Jail is often empty: drunkards, vandals and thugs are the rule for town crime. The sheriff employs four part-time deputies, who are skilled as warriors but also spend time, when not policing, as farmhands: Leromar, Riff, Trestle, and Vrodish. He is currently engaged to Jominda, Ravengro’s apothecary, and resides in the former Lorrimor residence.

Benjen has proven a loyal ally to the party, and to the Professor before them. He is the only man Kendra knows (besides her father) to venture into The Shudderwood. He indicated to Mordren that he was raised at Ascanor Lodge within the woods, and that it was the Professor who, serving as his mentor, guided him to Ravengro.

Sheriff Benjan Caeller

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