Justice Embreth Daramid

Stand up straight, Barnabus


Your liaison to the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, Justice Daramid is an old friend and lover of Professor Lorrimor’s.


Justice Daramid was the executor of Professor Lorrimor’s will, but also one of his “allies of Good.”

More concerned with law and order than good and evil, Justice Daramid employed the party to solve the mystery of the Beast of Lepidstadt. Once they’d proved their salt, she invited them to work for the Esoteric Order. The Order is dedicated to thwarting the Whispering Way and other devotees of Chaos and Undeath in Ustalav.

Justice Daramid is keen to see the Professor’s murder revenged, and has placed considerable resources at the party’s disposal in the name of tracking down the Whispering Way.

Justice Embreth Daramid

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