Estovion Lozarov

and the Patrons of Ascanor Lodge


Estovion is a slight man in his sixties, with a long face, myopic eyes, dirty spectacles, and a permanent squint. Despite his decrepit appearance, however, he remains alert and seemingly spry.


Lodge Warden Estovion Lozarov is Ascanor’s custodian and overseer. The only son of Ascanor’s previous caretakers, Estovion grew up in the lodge and it is the only home he has ever known.

Honored Guests of Ascanor Lodge:

image.jpgDuristan Silvio Ariesir
A young thrill-seeking aristocrat hailing from one of Ardeal’s wealthiest families, Duristan has come to Lozeri to make a name for himself as a werewolf slayer. Duristan is not particularly handsome, with a long face and thinning brown hair. He wears a wolfskin which he claims is that of a werewolf.

image.jpgMadam Ivanya
An influential courtesan with ties to the Violet Widow, an infamous Courtaud brothel themed as a Pharasmin chapel, Madame Ivanja imports the most exquisite and luxurious companions for guests who request such services. At all times, four professional and very well-paid Qadiran guards keep watch over Madame Ivanja and her courtesans.

image.jpgCilas Graydon
Nearing 50 years old, Cilas Graydon, the Margrave of Sturnidae, is a retired military commander who served under Count Neska of Barstoi. Graydon is infamous for the ruthless brutality of his martial strategies. He wears his hair cropped short and has a carefully trimmed goatee and waxed mustache. The Lepidstadt scar across his left eyebrow is a sign of his martial prowess.

image.jpgCorvin Tergsvor
The second son of Cervaus Tergsvor, one of Courtaud’s most influential nobles, Corvin Tergsvor is enjoying an extended stay at Ascanor. Corvin embodies the corruption and decadence of Ustalav’s hereditary nobility.

image.jpgThe Markiza Welory
A frequent guest at the lodge, Markiza Welgory has come to Ascanor to hunt fox. Now in her early forties, the Markiza is married to an older, quite wealthy husband, though at this point their marriage is chiefly a business proposition. The Markiza arrived at the lodge with her seasonal “companion." This year: a broad-shouldered and handsome young huntsman named Ostovach.

Staff of Ascanor Lodge:

image.jpgDelgros Kroitzcer
Delgros serves as Ascanor’s huntsmaster and leads the majority of hunts for the lodge’s guests. Delgros may well be one of Ascanor’s most dangerous men, if only for his recklessness. A brilliant game hunter, he prides himself on capturing aggressive and exotic animals. Delgros is in his early thirties and possesses a fine physique.

image.jpgBelik of Courtaud
Tidy, well dressed, and officious, Belik works as Ascanor’s porter. He moves his mouth subconsciously as he reads, and as he listens.

A talented and fastidiously obsessive chef from Ardeal, Chef Ladimeur cooks for Ascanor’s guests. His culinary concoctions are delicious; particularly his meat dishes.

image.jpgPaucy Troabs
Ascanor’s sloppy and dimwitted groundskeeper and handyman, Paucy has an eerie habit of appearing and disappearing throughout the day.

Ascanor’s stablemaster, Quiene is a short, fit woman in her early thirties with pale skin, dark eyes, and long auburn hair gone slightly gray at the temples.

image.jpgRuessa Webbe
This plump, middle-aged spinster serves as the lodge’s housekeeper, washerwoman, and seamstress.

Estovion Lozarov

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