Count Luvick Siervage

and the Vampire Underworld


Luvick Siervage is one of the oldest vampires in Ustalav and has been the leader of the vampire community of the city of Caliphas for many centuries. He is an ardent opponent of the rule of the Whispering Tyrant. Over two-thousand years old, Count Luvig Siervage is the self-styled ruler of Caliphas.

Luvick contracted the party to solve a series of vampire murders in exchange for his self in tracking down the Whispering Way.


kote.JPGDesmond Kote is the High Inquisitor of Zaebos, Hell Lord of Broken Glass and Torment. He heads the Count’s investigation into the murders, but has made suspiciously little progress.

lady.JPGLady Evgenya Zunaida is one of the most affluent vampire nobles in the Undercity, yet has thus far escaped murder. She fears she might be next.

spawn.JPG The Freed Spawn of the murdered vampires have been acting strangely, as if possessed of some new master, but often intensely intoxicated.

radvir.JPGRadvir Giovanni is the Count’s retainer, tailor, and head of intelligence. He supplied forged documents incriminating the mortal court of Caliphas, and purchased a large stock of table legs before the murders began.

bishop.JPGArch Bishop Longius Lancea of the Maiden’s Choir is one of the highest ranking Pharasmins in all Ustalav. Yet, he has been revealed as a known conspirator with the vampires.

ramoska.JPGRamoska Arkminos is Siervage’s prisoner, and head alchemist to the Count of Varno. The nosferatu was working with the Whispering Way and Countess of Caliphas on various alchemical projects prior to his incrimination.

Count Luvick Siervage

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