Bjorn, Son of Olaf

Servant of Justice


Bjorn, Son of Olaf, Son of Sven

Standing a proud 6 foot 5 inches, this Ulfen warrior of the north hails from the Witch Kingdom of Irrisen. Fierce on the battlefield and boastful in the tavern hall. Though his rage is now tempered with some understanding of True Evil. When not in armor he has taken to wearing the latest fashion (according to Kendra) of Leipestadt. But still keeps his Ulfen accessories. In battle, he wears the armor and crest of the Knight of Ozrem. Though his sword is larger than the traditional longsword of the Knights of Iomedea.



The change began after the giant spider attack at the lodge. He was very quiet and focused on the tasks at hand. But it was not until the night on top of the ancient tower to Desna that it all came together.

A man that once would have given priests of Cayden Cailean a run for their money in the ale halls, and stood with worshipers of Gorum on the battlefield, now stands with a strong sense of stillness and awareness. Instead of raging bonfire of indulgent passions, is now focused in single intense bright flame of dedication and purpose.

He has recently quipped that he was the last to find out his calling as a Paladin of Iomedae though it seemed like everyone else already knew that.

Bjorn’s View on the Party

Now with Vrood dead, we collect ourselves for the next steps.


She should not have come. But then I would rather wrestle a polar bear than try to have a woman change her mind. And where Kendra is concerned about her father’s killer, make that a fiendish dire polar bear. She did have some nice tricks up her sleeves, but she was not made for the chaos of battle.


She has change my opinion that not all witches are cruel and evil. Though I am not sure what higher power or purpose drives her. Her skill and talents proved very useful in the hunting of the Whispering Way. But I don’t see how she had much of a stake in the tasks at hand outside of helping Kendra.


One of the finest hunters I have had the opportunity to work with. Tireless in the pursuit of her quarry, and fearless in the heat of battle. But I wonder how much has she lost in her life?


No one should be dead more than Walter, but something still keeps him here. Although after the night on the tower, he did seem more at peace, and Yidhra was much less disturbing then Jenkins. But now, the rat is back, and so is the whispering. Still I hope for his soul to be free.

Bjorn, Son of Olaf

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