Auren Vrood

The Murderer


He wore a breastplate made of bone that suited his grey pallor; he carried a black staff clearly topped with the symbol of the Whispering Way: a human skull gagged by a black cloth.


Auren Vrood was the seventh son of Severus Vrood, seventh son of House Vrood. The Vroods were wealthy and influential nobles prior to the rise of the palatinate, with longstanding ties to “the old order.”

Vrood’s cult of The Whispering Way was responsible for the abduction of Warden Lyvar Hawkran’s immortal soul, the framing of The Beast of Lepidstadt, and the assasination of the Shudderwood’s packlord.

Vrood was personally responsible for the murder of Professor Petros Lorrimor. He was slain in the ruins of Feldgrau—only Mordren and Bjorn walked away from the fight. Kendra, Elk Runner, and in his own manner Walter were all slain by the necromancer’s cruel magics.

Auren Vrood

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